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In today’s rapid development of all businesses, the challenge for every company is to stay competitive and efficient through specialization of their own core business. When comes to your warehouse or logistics needs, we are your strategic business partner that you can rely on. We provides a “One-Stop Solution” center for your needs, be it for your Office, Warehouse, Warehouse Management System or Special Application, we have the solution for you from Warehouse Support to 4PL Solutions.


Attention to detail and Problem-solving skills

Flexible Warehouse Support & Co-packing Service

Provide the Protection System to Your Business

Respond to Every Request, Work Collaboratively to Solve Every Issue

About Us

Providing One Stop Solutions

Aiming at developing highly contract logistics, resource packaging line and workforce provider. Founded in 2020, Yali Empire is becoming a well-known brand through 3 years’ development.

Our service has expanded its availability in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor, Malacca, Penang, and all state in West Malaysia.

Contract Logistics

3rd Party Warehousing, Repackaging, Kit Assembly, Pick and Pack, Repalletizing, Labelling and Relabelling, Container Stuffing and Unstuffing


We Have a Team of People Qualified to Work On Short-Term Projects


Provide Materials For Packaging, Fire Preventive and 4PL Activities To Minimize Customer Hassle.

What We Do?

Warehouse & Logistics Support
Fire Preventive System
Warehouse Racking
4PL Solutions


YALI EMPIRE has a variety of options and capabilities to fill all of your contract logistic, fire preventive, and warehouse racking needs.

When it comes to Yali Empire, we really do it all.  From contract packaging and blister packaging to box packaging, custom packaging solutions, and more, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands when you turn to us.

Our Mission

We partner with companies to consistently communicate their values through comprehensive, integrated product and service platforms.

We Follow Best Practices

The core principles of our business success

Trust and Worth

Our Clients & Business Partners

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