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Contract Logistics

Refer to a simple pick and pack or hand assembly operation or it could describe a complete turnkey process from importing to drop shipping a finished unit to an end customer. YALI EMPIRE has the experience and resources to evaluate your ‘total’ program and come up with a logistics proposal that fits your needs and your budget perfectly. Our broad capability, and unlimited capacity gives us the flexibility to handle your project with time sensitivity and trust.

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Kit Assembly

Pick And Pack


Label and Relabelling

Container Stuffing and Unstuffing

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Sampling /Kit Assembly

Choose Assemblies Unlimited for your project needs such as kit assembly, promotional packaging, sampling, or product mail fulfillment. We offer hand assembly, overwrapping, and shrink wrapping services for a wide range of products including furniture kits, game pieces, automotive kits, surgical kits, bonus packs, sampling packs, sachets, pouches, confectionery, hobby or craft kits, jewelry making kits, beads, accessories and more. This saves you both time and money.


Yali Empire offers expert hand assembly services for your rework or repackaging projects. Our focus on meeting tight deadlines and providing fast turnaround times has made us a trusted name in fulfillment services. If you have a special or custom rework project with immediate needs, contact us right away. Our resources are flexible and located in various areas to provide you with the most cost-effective options. We can even supply new boxes and custom packaging to complete your project. With over 2 years of experience in the industry, we can handle your project from start to finish, ensuring that all the details are taken care of.

Pick And Pack

Yali Empire provides comprehensive fulfillment services, including pick and pack, case pick, pallet shipping, drop-shipping, Full truck load, LTL shipments, and distribution services 24/7. To receive a quote for pick and pack fulfillment services, provide us with the scope of work, assembly instructions, the average number of SKUs picked and packed per order, the packing method, the expected number of orders per day/week/month, the number of SKUs, the number of pallets of raw components or finished goods in the warehouse, inventory turnover, how pick orders will be transmitted, the job’s time period, preferred shipping method, labeling requirements, and shipping turnaround from receipt of order.


Repalletizing is one of the best ways to reorganize, seal and protect your retail package while at the same time providing a polished, upscale “look” to your product. Yali Empire has over 2 years experience repalletizing and shrink wrapping retail packages and can help you with your next contract packaging project. We use only the best shrink film with superior clarity to ensure that your package will look clean and crisp. We can begin production 24 hours after receiving your materials and canprovide quick turnaround as required by your due dates with our skillful resources.

Labeling And Relabeling

We provide labelling solutions including pressure-sensitive labels (all sizes/types), full-body shrink sleeves (with steam tunnel technology), tipping (automated application of promotional coupons/giveaways to literature) and manual label application for pouches, bottles, boxes, and other items.

Container Stuffing and Unstuffing

Our team is skilled at stuffing and unstuffing cargoes into and from containers of any type, be it general purpose, open top, flat-rack or even reefer. The stuffing of a container requires technical knowledge in relation to weight and volume, as well as the distribution of goods in order to ensure the proper utilization of space and the proper shipping with a profitable result to the customer.

Our Storage Capacity

60k sqft

138k sqft

194k sqft


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