Yali Empire Sdn Bhd


We Offer

4PL Solutions

Sea Freight

We provide leading-edge import and export logistics, to international destinations. Also offers a network of reliable long-term fixed contracts with the major maritime cargo carriers. We have also entered into a slot charter agreement for short-term loading capacity and general cargo capacity that is permanently reserved for vessels around the world

Air Freight

Our air freight company offers a wide range of services to our clients. We can manage your entire supply chain, from start to finish. We provide door-to-door service, ensuring your shipment gets to its destination quickly and efficiently.

On-board Courier
(Hand carry)

Aboard Courier shipping is our specialty. We have agents and career experts on board in Asian and European countries. Our traffic specialists can quickly secure your cargo on the next available flight leaving your sender’s city, and keep an eye on it every step of the way.

We Offer

Business Solutions

Sampling /Kit Assembly

Choose Assemblies Unlimited for your project needs such as kit assembly, promotional packaging, sampling, or product mail fulfillment. We offer hand assembly, overwrapping, and shrink wrapping services for a wide range of products including furniture kits, game pieces, automotive kits, surgical kits, bonus packs, sampling packs..


Yali Empire offers expert hand assembly services for your rework or repackaging projects. Our focus on meeting tight deadlines and providing fast turnaround times has made us a trusted name in fulfillment services..

Pick And Pack

Yali Empire provides comprehensive fulfillment services, including pick and pack, case pick, pallet shipping, drop-shipping, Full truck load, LTL shipments, and distribution services 24/7. To receive a quote for pick and pack fulfillment services..


Repalletizing is one of the best ways to reorganize, seal and protect your retail package while at the same time providing a polished, upscale “look” to your product. Yali Empire has over 2 years experience repalletizing and shrink wrapping retail packages and can help you with your next contract packaging project...

Labeling And Relabeling

We provide labelling solutions including pressure-sensitive labels (all sizes/types), full-body shrink sleeves (with steam tunnel technology), tipping (automated application of promotional coupons/giveaways to literature) and manual label application for pouches, bottles, boxes, and other items.

Container Stuffing and Unstuffing

Our team is skilled at stuffing and unstuffing cargoes into and from containers of any type, be it general purpose, open top, flat-rack or even reefer. The stuffing of a container requires technical knowledge in relation to weight and volume, as well...

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